Uninsured Motorist Coverage Attorneys in Sevierville Providing Clients with Positive Outcomes for their Claims

The stress of handling a sudden change in circumstances can be overwhelming for anyone. That is why being injured in an auto accident that wasn’t your fault can be so demanding on you. Victims of motor vehicle crashes around the country often find themselves wondering what options are available to them to assist them with getting their life back on track following their accident. With so many responsibilities to juggle such as dealing with insurance companies, tending to your injuries, having to pay for initial costs of getting your vehicle repaired, and more, being involved in a motor vehicle accident can take a major toll on you and your family. It can be exponentially worse if the person that hit you does not have auto insurance. This is why many people opt to carry uninsured motorist coverage with their own policies. If you have uninsured motorist coverage and need assistance in filing an injury claim to recover damages for your accident, contact our law firm today so we can get started on putting together a claim for you.

What is Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

While not required to have in Tennessee, uninsured motorist coverage can be an incredibly valuable policy for you if you are involved in an auto accident with someone who does not have car insurance or if you were hurt in a hit-and-run accident. Uninsured motorist coverage essentially protects you from certain liabilities if someone without insurance or someone who is underinsured causes your accident.

Uninsured motorist coverage can cover expenses such as medical bills and property damage so you do not have to pay those costs out of pocket. Uninsured motorist coverage may vary from person to person. Contact an uninsured motorist coverage attorney today to learn more about the legal options available to you, how your uninsured motorist coverage works, and what we can do to help you navigate the confusing but important insurance world.
What Types of Accidents Can Uninsured Motorist Coverage Be Used For?

Having uninsured motorist coverage can protect you from many accidents that involve a motor vehicle. While all insurance policies may vary, in general, you should be covered for many types of accidents. Your uninsured motorist coverage may protect you from liabilities in accidents such as:

• Car accidents
• Motorcycle accidents
• Rental car accidents
• Pedestrian accidents

Whether you were a driver or a passenger in the accident where an uninsured motorist crashed into you, most uninsured motorist policies cover either situation. Insurance policies can be hard to understand and stressful to deal with. Our team of injury attorneys can look over any insurance policies you have, determine fault in your accident, and work with you to get you the most beneficial outcome for your case.

Do I Need to Hire an Injury Attorney to get Uninsured Motorist Coverage for My Claim?

Legal help for something that can become as complicated as uninsured motorist coverage can be a lifesaver when it comes to recovering damages for your case. Knowing just how much financial coverage your policy provides, what is needed from you, and what your uninsured motorist coverage protects you against can be confusing. We simplify the process by taking lead on your claim to make sure you are treated fairly by the insurance company from start to finish.

What Should I Do Next?

Many people do not have contingency plans when it comes to being involved in an accident. While many victims believe their own insurance can cover all the costs of a car accident, being hit by an uninsured driver can complicate matters rather quickly. At Green, Waters Ogle & McCarter, we make sure our clients know what to expect from their uninsured motorist coverage so they can focus more on taking care of more important aspects of their lives. To schedule a free consultation with our law firm, give us a call at (865) 429-3600.