Do I Need An Attorney For An Adoption?

Adoption is a joyful event. It is unique in family law in that there is often no other "side" to take on in court. But if you try to go through the adoption process without an attorney, you could find yourself dealing with unnecessary delays and mistakes.

Green, Waters Ogle and McCarter helps clients throughout the Sevier County, Tennessee, area with their adoption needs. Attorney Michael Green is one of the most experienced adoption lawyers in the region. He is prepared to guide you through your adoption efficiently and correctly the first time.

Why Do I Need An Attorney For An Adoption?

If you have never adopted a child before, you may be surprised how complicated the process is. This is especially true in cases of:

  • Non-relative adoption
  • International adoption
  • Adoptions involving the Indian Child Welfare Act
  • Contested adoptions, in which one of the birth parents objects

Even in relatively straightforward cases, such as stepchild adoptions, a mistake could cost you your chance to build a family with a new daughter or son. Nothing is more important and rewarding to us than helping you make your family. Michael knows how to navigate the system as smoothly, correctly and quickly as possible.

Sometimes, one of the child's birth parents steps forward to contest the adoption. A trial may be necessary to resolve the conflict. Michael is a seasoned litigator who will make a strong case on your behalf that you should become the child's adoptive parent.

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