Hang Onto The Assets Your Family Deserves

If you are going through divorce or a similar dispute, you need tough and high-quality legal representation. The Green, Waters Ogle and McCarter represents people in Sevierville, Tennessee, in all family law matters.

Effective Eastern Tennessee Divorce Lawyer

Attorney Michael Green is adept and experienced in a wide range of family law cases, including:

Secure Your Share Of The Assets

Divorce is the end of a relationship, but it also requires the division of marital assets. For couples who own their own home, a family business and other high-value assets, this can get complicated. Avoid losing out on your fair share of the resources. Michael has guided hundreds of clients through the intricacies of property division and provided them the best possible solution.

This usually starts with knowing what assets are subject to division and what they are worth. As your lawyer, Michael will get an accurate picture of your assets and a valuation of each item.

Alternatives To Traditional Divorce

In addition to practicing family law, Michael is a licensed mediator. Mediation is an excellent, lower cost option to traditional divorce for couples who are able to work out the necessary aspects of their divorce amicably. Michael can serve as the neutral mediator in your divorce, or as your attorney during mediation.

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