About The Firm

Green, Waters Ogle and McCarter is a small-town law firm that focuses on personal injury. When you retain one of our attorneys, you will get honest, experienced representation and advice. Based in Sevierville, Tennessee, we deliver maximum results for every client.

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Taking Control Of The Situation

Some personal injury law firms try to settle every case just to avoid going to court. We operate differently. In our years of practicing personal injury, we have found that an aggressive approach is generally best. Waiting too long to file suit can make it harder for you to prevail, as witnesses' memories fade and evidence becomes damaged or lost. Instead, we will take prompt legal action on your behalf and work efficiently to build your case. And we will never try to persuade you to accept an unfair settlement. We will make sure you have your day in court if necessary.

We will also help you manage your medical bills and negotiate with the insurance company to possibly get your bills reduced.

Quality Over Quantity

Our firm takes pride in valuing quality over quantity. We maintain a relatively small client load, so you can always count on our personal attention to your needs. We respond promptly to your phone calls and emails. Most importantly, we will explain the litigation process to you so that you will always be up-to-date and empowered to make smart choices.

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