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Drink by Drink, How Alcohol Makes Driving Dangerous

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Often, after a drunk driver causes a terrible accident, they say that they chose to drive because they did not "feel drunk." They insist that, since they had only one drink (or two, or three...), they had no idea that they were impaired.

It only takes one drink for your body and mind to start being affected by alcohol. The blood-alcohol limit in Tennessee is .08 percent, which most people reach after a couple of drinks.

The effects of alcohol, drink by drink

Here is a summary of how alcohol affects drinkers, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • At .02 BAL, your judgment is affected and you begin to feel relaxed. You lose some visual and multi-tasking ability.
  • At .05, judgment, alertness and coordination grow more impaired. Your behavior becomes exaggerated and you feel euphoric.
  • At .08, your coordination is significantly impaired. Mentally, you lose concentration, short-term memory and the ability to perceive and process what is going on around.
  • At .10, your coordination and mental abilities are far below normal. At this point, it is common for a driver to drift in and out of their lane.
  • At .15, all physical and mental abilities are impaired. Driving safely is impossible.

With the holiday season upon us, drinking and driving will probably get even worse in the Sevierville area. We wish you a safe and enjoyable holidays, but if you get hurt in a crash with a drunk driver, you could be spending the season in the hospital. Once you have gotten necessary medical attention, your next move should be to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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