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Who is at fault in a Rear-end Collision?

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The most common cause of all motor vehicle accidents are rear-end collisions or "fender benders." The majority of rear-end collisions are caused by tailgating drivers. Tailgating, often cited as "following improperly" on an accident report results in a failure to stop in time and is the number one cause of rear-end car accidents. According to the Tennessee Department of...
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Constructive Notice in Tennessee Premise Liability Cases Explained

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Businesses in Tennessee are under a duty to use ordinary care to prevent business invitees from being injured on their property. Tennessee case law defines ordinary care as the care that ordinarily careful persons would use to avoid injury to themselves or others under the same or similar circumstances. There is no duty to guarantee the safety of those...

Duty of Care in Tennessee Amusement Park Accidents

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The existence of a duty owed to a plaintiff by a defendant in a Tennessee personal injury case is a necessary ingredient in every negligence action. The existence and scope of a defendant's duty are questions of law to be determined by the court. Staples v. CBL & Assocs., Inc., 15 S.W.3d 83, 89 (Tenn. 2000). In Tennessee business...
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$100,000.00 Settlement Recovered for Passenger Injured in a Single Car Accident in Sevierville, Tennessee

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Green, Waters Ogle and McCarter recovered a $100,000.00 (full policy limits) settlement for a client injured when she was a passenger in a single car accident. Our client suffered serious injuries in the single car crash including 3 broken ribs, a concussion, a fractured ankle and a torn rotator cuff. She was rushed from the accident scene via emergency...

How Safe Are Sevier County Amusement Park Rides?

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As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, it should be no surprise that Sevier County is a favored location for various types of thrilling attractions such as roller coasters, alpine slides, mountain coasters, and bumper-to-bumper traffic. In fact, Sevier County has 173 amusement park rides and plays host to the vast majority of amusement...

What You Need to Know About Going to Leconte Medical Center Emergency Room After a Sevierville Car Accident

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It's highly likely if you are in a car accident in Sevier County you will end up in the Leconte Medical Center Emergency Room. Emergency Rooms provide necessary, crucial medical treatment immediately after an accident. Emergency room physicians are specially trained to treat those suffering from trauma such as injuries sustained in a collision. Despite the vital role emergency...

$300,000 Settlement Recovered | Sevierville Car Accident on Chapman Highway

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Green, Waters Ogle and McCarter recovered $300,000 (full policy limits) for a client injured in a Sevierville car accident where a drunk driver crossed the yellow line on Chapman Highway hitting him head on. Such accidents occur with alarming frequency on Chapman Highway. Luckily, our client's family was not in the vehicle with him at the time of the...

When is a vehicle considered a "total loss" after an accident in Tennessee?

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In Tennessee, a vehicle is considered a "total loss" if the repair estimate exceeds 75% of the retail market value as determined by the current published retail costs. TCA 55-3-211 (9)(A). If you are involved in a collision in Tennessee and your vehicle is determined to be a total loss, then the insurance company should use mileage, options, and...
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Car Accidents on Chapman Highway Result in 3 Fatalities in 2019

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Donnie Surber, 48, was killed in a car crash on Chapman Highway at Tipton Station Road in April 11th, 2019, according to the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Isaac Lynn, 28, was injured in the crash. Lynn was driving North on Chapman Highway when he allegedly crossed the center divide into the southbound lanes striking Surber's vehicle head-on. Lynn was taken...

Recent Sevier County Judgement | Rear-end Car Accident, Soft Tissue Injury

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This week our firm obtained a $15,000.00 judgement in Sevier County General Sessions Court on behalf of our client who suffered a back strain in a rear-end impact car accident. The trial took around 45 minutes and our client did an excellent job testifying honestly and accurately about his injury and related medical treatment. Our client had approximately $4,400.00...

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