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5 Tricks Insurance Companies Use After a Car Accident

Photo of Adrienne Waters Ogle
A Tennessee traffic accident can bring life as you know it to a halt, at least temporarily. While your focus may be on your recovery from your injuries and getting your family back on track, you will not be able to help worrying about the bills, car repairs and medical expenses piling up while you are out of work. You...

Should You Consider Mediating Your Divorce Settlement?

Photo of Michael Green
The end of a marriage is complex, and it will bring several significant changes to your life. Tennessee readers may have concerns about what will happen to their relationship with their children and their finances, but there are ways to approach the divorce process that allow you to have more control over the details of your final divorce settlement. Mediation...

Drink by Drink, How Alcohol Makes Driving Dangerous

Photo of Adrienne Waters Ogle
Often, after a drunk driver causes a terrible accident, they say that they chose to drive because they did not "feel drunk." They insist that, since they had only one drink (or two, or three...), they had no idea that they were impaired. It only takes one drink for your body and mind to start being affected by alcohol. The...

Six Most Common Causes of Auto Accidents

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Driving fatalities are on the rise in recent years. One well-known culprit is the cell phone. Distracted driving causes nearly nine deaths each day in the US. To make matters worse, the National Safety Council named Tennessee as the having the most cell phone fatalities in the country in early 2017. Distracted driving is a serious problem, but it's not...

Solid Advice About Choosing a Lawyer

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If you are currently in the market for an attorney and you don't already have a relationship with good counsel in the area of expertise you seek, choosing a lawyer may seem daunting. Take heart, there are a few simple rules that can guide you to a good decision. Ask for references. If you know someone who has faced a...

Why Do I Need an Attorney in My Personal Injury Case?

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In situations where an accident has taken place, it may seem that dealing with the insurance company yourself is the easiest option. Yet, too many people are not aware of their rights and covered benefits in the case of personal injury. An experienced attorney knows how to evaluate and document your claim to obtain that to which you are entitled....

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