After a car accident, you may be concentrating on healing from your injury. The insurance company may be resolving your case. The at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster will contact you to take a statement and discuss details of the collision. You should speak with a Sevierville, Tennessee personal injury attorney before you talk to the insurance company. The insurance company will likely contact you to offer you a settlement check before you even complete medical treatment for the injuries you received in the car wreck. Don’t make a rash decision and accept a settlement that doesn’t fairly compensate you for your damages related to the car accident.

Should you accept the settlement offer the insurance adjuster offers?

When recovering from a vehicle crash, you are probably hurting not just physically but financially as well. You are racking up medical bills and may be out of work as well. The insurance company knows that you need funds and uses your financial need to push you to accept a low-ball settlement offer.

Don’t let the insurance company bully you. If you reject the settlement offer, the adjuster is likely to pressure you by giving you a litany of supposed “facts” that they rely on to reduce your car wreck injury claim during their evaluation. You should not take any offer until you consult with an attorney. The insurance company wants to pay the lowest amount possible to settle your claim because they want to save money. Therefore, they often offer settlements that are just not fair.

The settlement may not even cover your expenses or your damages. The insurance company may send you a check. Do not cash the check, because by doing so you will likely eliminate your ability to seek any further damages. Inform the insurance company you do not accept the offer. However, remember that the Tennessee statute of limitations controls the time you have to file a civil case or lose your claim. You must file a claim within one year of the car accident. Your car wreck attorney will help to negotiate a fair settlement or prepare the case for trial.

When to Accept a Settlement

First of all, never accept a settlement until you have completed all medical treatment related to the injuries you received in the car accident. If you have severe injuries, you may require ongoing medical care, future surgeries and rehabilitation not considered in the settlement offer. These costs can be astronomical, and you could be responsible for the bills if you settle for less than what your medical expenses will cost. The most common mistake accident victims make is taking a settlement too quickly.

Insurance companies use standards to determine how much to pay in accident cases. Many of the large insurance companies use software programs to calculate what dollar amount accident claims are “worth.” Your injuries may not be typical, and they could be more severe than the standards and/or the company’s calculations suggest. You may not receive full compensation for the injuries caused by the accident. In addition, you may also be owed money for other damages, such as lost wages, pain and suffering, etc.

When an injury is disabling, you might also be owed money for losing enjoyment of life or other similar damages. An experienced Sevierville personal injury attorney will protect your rights and work to get you the compensation you are owed after a wreck. At Green, Waters Ogle and McCarter, we have years of experience and have successfully resolved hundreds of cases to get clients compensation after an accident.