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Green & Waters Ogle

At The Law Offices of Green and Waters Ogle you will find experienced, results-driven personal injury attorneys serving clients in Sevier, Cocke, Jefferson, Grainger and surrounding counties in Tennessee. At The Law Offices of Green and Waters Ogle we are dedicated to defending and fighting for people during the most difficult times of their lives.  Our legal team shares a commitment to providing compassionate and brave representation in even the most challenging cases.

Our attorneys have years of experience handling personal injury cases of all types. Attorney Adrienne Waters Ogle began her legal career working for some of the biggest insurance companies in America. She now uses her knowledge and experience to ensure her personal injury clients get the compensation they deserve.  Whether a client is the victim of a car crash, or an out-of-town visitor injured on vacation because of a dangerous condition at a hotel or cabin, our firm can provide the legal guidance and counsel necessary to achieve big results. Our firm has the financial resources to enlist experts, to bring in investigators, to build exhibits and take the other steps that are necessary to get each client the compensation they deserve. No matter the outcome of your personal injury case, you will never have to pay any attorney’s fees or costs if your case is not successful.

The Law Offices of Green and Waters Ogle also has attorneys focused on both family law as well as criminal defense. Attorney Michael Green brings expertise and compassion to every case he handles. Call today for a free consultation 865-429-3600.