Searching for help with Accidents Involving Pedestrians in Sevier County, TN? 

When a person crossing the street gets hit by a car, the results tend to be catastrophic. Pedestrians have virtually no protection from the force of impact by a multi-ton car or truck. At Green, Waters Ogle and McCarter, we help victims of pedestrian accidents pick up the pieces and fight for their financial security. We serve clients throughout Sevier County, Tennessee.

Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Sevier County is a major tourist destination with heavy traffic at times. Careless drivers sometimes fail to yield to pedestrians, with disastrous results for the victim and their family. Adrienne Waters Ogle, our firm’s personal injury lawyer, handles pedestrian cases of all levels of complexity. She is prepared to help you get rightful compensation in matters involving:

• Back and neck injuries

• Brain trauma

• Temporary and permanent disabilities

• Wrongful death

attorney for pedestrian accident in Sevierville, TN

Pedestrian accidents are perhaps the most dangerous type of auto collision because the average person has virtually no defense against the power of a motor vehicle when a reckless person is driving it. If you are facing years of pain, physical limitations and emotional trauma, we will help you get maximum financial compensation to pay your medical bills, lost wages and other expenses.

Adrienne is unique among personal injury attorneys, in that she is always willing to take your case to trial if the defendants do not agree to a reasonable settlement. She will use expert witness testimony and other tools to establish the defendants’ responsibility for your injuries as clearly as possible. She has won millions of dollars for her personal injury clients in trial verdicts.